In this post, I will share with you a career path advice that has proven to be a very successful through the years. It will give you an answer why some of your friends are more successful than others, and why others are considered as ‘losers’…

If YOU are who YOU want to be, then the people around YOU will treat YOU like YOU are who YOU are, and YOU will be Successful… Did you get that? I hope you did. It is important that we all appreciate what we have, have our feet on the ground, think positively with focus towards the future, appreciating the circumstances and not to give up, when there are obstacles.

It is vital that in the early 20’s you focus your attention to YOU. If you happen to fall in love – it’s great, but it is surely not the best time for that… You may ask now a very valid question – Why? Because if you are in love you have to be able ‘to afford’ it. Love costs money. Maybe not directly for you, but for the partner you are with for sure. So be careful.

Career path AdviceWhen your focus is on YOU, you can stress yourself and get the needed knowledge for your future as career assignments, get the needed database of contacts and most importantly to shape yourself as a personality and professional.

Then comes the Career. Your career can start at an early age, but it is more likely that it will all happen in the late 20’s or early 30’s. This period in time is when you are still shaping yourself, when John Smith becomes from John to Mr. Smith. It all depends on you and the efforts which you put in the whole process. For different people it takes different period of time. There are no universal schemes or customized solutions. There are basic rules which you need to follow, exceptions which you need to know and non-working practices you must avoid.

You can read some of my other articles here on LinkedIn where I am giving different recommendations what you should do in order to be successful. Some of them are purely for those of you in the years between 25 to 35. At this age you can test yourself for different jobs and to find your proper place – the one that makes you feel happy, active and ready to learn every day. Those who are looking for job, will find obligations – those who are looking for challenges, find their mission in life. This will make them feel valuable and at the end successful.

Once you know yourself and do what makes you happy now comes the time to build a relationship and Family. You are in your 30’s and most of your friends are in relationship or already with one marriage ahead of you… You have shaped your personality and have the ability to take responsibility for other members – like wife/husband and children.

If you mix the steps or do them differently, I can’t guarantee you that you will be successful at the end. It is great to be young and careless… But this could not last forever. Use your time as per your wishes and needs, but with focus to the future!

We live at least 70 to 80 years of age (on average) and if you don’t pay enough efforts, will and confidence while you are in your 30’s your chances to live your life the way you want in the years after are decreased with high progression.

Yes, you can do a career switch at the age of 40 and still have a good results – no doubt about it, but do you want to be the exception and the person who everybody point at with finger or you prefer to live in peace and harmony?