Всички сме засегнати от случващото се около нас – тези, които вярваме в съществуването на COVID-19 и всеки ден носим предпазни маски и използваме дезинфектант повече от течен сапун, както и онези, които отричат до фанатизъм липсата на вирус и са готови да влязат във физическа саморазправа срещу всеки, който им спомене прокобната дума „пандемия“.
Всеки служител следва да бъде оценяван спрямо заслугите и мотивиран, тогава когато има обективна възможност за това.
In nowadays, if you have an idea and you want to develop that idea in to business, the goal is to be supported, guided and if needed coached, what to do to succeed in that idea (by those who have
In my experience in the field of Hospitality industry, which is more than 10 years, I was blessed to work with a big number of professionals and some of them were real mentors and people who were willing to train and pass their knowledge to others.
In this post, I will share with you a career path advice that has proven to be a very successful through the years. It will give you an answer why some of your friends are more successful than others, and why others are considered as ‘losers’…
Tourism industry is showing increase every year as more and more people are travelling, but moreover most of them are traveling more often and try to explore as many as possible places in their free time and experience new hotels and restaurants.
As a Green Roof specialist who has posted articles on the importance of the environmental sustainability, now I would like to draw your attention to something different: the hotel sustainability.